Review about OCT 2.0

Hello everyone, I’m manhmai11.near, a validator for OCT. After experiencing OCT 2.0, I have some feedback as follows:

Firstly, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the efforts, fairness, and receptiveness to always seek better development directions for the project.

After experiencing OCT 2.0, I have some evaluations:

Positive points: Created a focal point to attract Near ecosystem users to learn about OCT 2.0, established an automatic commission rate system to help smaller validators attract more delegators, and implemented a limit on the total stake to balance and protect the network.

However, there are a few points I would like to contribute:

  1. Near accounts cannot delegate to multiple validators (users should have the right to choose validators as they wish; it would be great if the team could consider changing this).
  2. The limitation of the total stake based on the number of delegators being 100 is not accurate. 100 delegators can be very small, and 100 delegators can be quite large. This may not ensure the stability of the app chain network. Instead, let’s follow OCT V1, which used the share of total stake as a ratio for a validator

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to the developers Julian, Lester, and Roam for their active involvement in receiving feedback and providing timely support. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thank you all.


Hi Manhmai, I think v1.0 does not address the issue of great variations in the total staked amount of delegators among validators.

Also, the existing validator commission gradient rule can help mitigate the situation when delegators tend to concentrate on a specific validator.

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  1. Agree. However, one delegator to many validators will make the accounting very complex. By bothering delegators with many accounts delegation, we keep the smart contract simple to mitigate risk. The multiple delegation feature will be supported when we have strong confidence in the integrity of smart contract logic.
  2. Yes, 100 is not a logically determined number, just a safely picked one to protect the network from dust attacks. The limitation will be loosened dramatically in the coming months.

Thank you so much for this valuable feedback. The core team profoundly appreciates your participation and contribution. :rose:

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Hello, today I’m facing two issues:

  • After undelegated, I go to Portfolio and don’t see any rewards to claim (I don’t claim any time since delegated), but the claim button still available and I’m able to claim manual.

  • After that, I go to other validator’ node, try to delegate but the delegate button does not show up. Is that a bug or maybe I need finish undelegated progress before able to re-delegate to other node?

A little feedback: May Pending switch in Withdrawals section change to button with other title like View withdrawn? It’s not really friendly to know what that switch does at the first time I see.

This can’t be the right location for this question. Go to support in Discord. Or find a support thread please.