About the Support category

Support for validators, users, appchains and the general web3 community

Octopus Network takes special care to prevent OCT losses whenever possible. The core team acknowledges that because the total OCT supply is set to 100 million tokens, those tokens must remain liquid or staked to keep the ecosystem productive. For this reason, Octopus Network is committed to supporting users whenever necessary in their uses of OCT.

While not all support is in scope (centralized exchanges, NEAR wallet seeds are unsupported, for example) we want to hear feedback from our community members. If the support scope is highlighting a systemic issue we will coordinate with our partners to assure a smooth experience for users.

In this channel we’ll discuss incidents, provide user/validator support and answer questions about the operating details of Octopus Network. If you haven’t already please be sure to read about how Octopus Network functions when contacting support.


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