2022 Winter Batch Appchain Candidate: Aridia Labs


Aridia Labs develops AI-powered tools for game developers. Our products are designed to simplify the game development process, provide a more efficient workflow, and enhance the user experience. Our modular system is customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of game developers. Our AI-based in-game chat assistant is designed to provide players with helpful tips and guidance on game mechanics, and is rewarded with our token, $ARIDIA. Our AI-based environment/level generation tool is designed to help game developers supercharge their prototyping and design, resulting in more efficient development. Our machine learning tools assist game developers with Web3 and blockchain integration, making smart contract development and game development easier. We are also developing our own FPS game, Everlasting, to showcase the capabilities of our products.

The Problem

Game development is a complex process that involves several steps, starting with prototyping and ending with the final release. The prototyping step is crucial as it helps game developers experiment with different ideas and refine their game concepts. However, this step can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, which can delay the entire game development process.

Furthermore, many games have a steep learning curve that can be intimidating for new players. This can lead to a high rate of player drop-off, especially among those with short attention spans.

At Aridia Labs, we recognize these challenges and aim to address them through our AI-powered tools. Our tool for AI-enhanced environment/level generation streamlines the prototyping phase, allowing game developers to experiment with different game concepts efficiently. Additionally, our chatbot solution provides players with helpful hints, guidance, and support, making it easier for them to learn and enjoy games without frustration.

Unique Value Proposition

Aridia Labs’ unique value proposition lies in the combination of cutting-edge AI technology with the secure and transparent features of blockchain technology. Our AI-powered tools for game development provide an efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective solution to game developers, helping them to reduce their development time and costs while increasing the quality of their games. While also giving them the opportunity to earn $Aridia.

In addition, our plug and play solutions are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both experienced and novice developers, regardless of their level of expertise.

Overall, Aridia Labs is dedicated to revolutionizing the game development industry by providing innovative and efficient solutions that help developers to create high-quality games that deliver an exceptional gaming experience for their end-users.

Reasons to Become an Appchain

We believe becoming an Appchain on Octopus Network will offer several benefits to our company including:

  1. A frictionless experience and extensive support.
  2. Access to a pool of ready-to-use smart contracts, such as vesting contracts.
  3. Interoperability with other IBC and EVM-based chains, which will increase our reach and provide more opportunities for collaboration.
  4. A fast horizontally scaled chain that can handle mass adoption, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

Launch on Mainnet

We plan to launch our Appchain on the mainnet by the end of 2023. We will work closely with the Octopus Network to ensure a smooth launch and provide continuous support to our users.

You can find more information about our tokenomics on our Gitbook (link below). The planned utility so far is to reward users and developers with the $Aridia token for utilizing our products.



As I know, those tool is mature in gaming industry. Using Ai to creat some NPC roles or some dialogs. But may I know which part of your Project is highly related with Blockchain?


Thank you @NPC_Leo for your question.

So we aren’t using AI to create some NPC roles however it can be used to do so. We are building 3 tools powered by AI and the blockchain.

  1. In-game chat assistant that gives the players support and is able to answer game related questions. The system is supposed to replace the tutorial system reducing the cost/time of development and enhancing the user experience as most users skip the tutorial due to the short attention span. The bot would also give hints when a user is stuck which also another factor that enhances UX.

  2. Level/Environment generator, for this we know the limitations and the scale, we are starting with something extremely simple for our MVP (will send a demo later). Basically the way we do it is utilize OpenAI and ML to categorize a pool of 3D models and NLP to process player queries then procedurally genearte an environment/level from a pool of premade assets. The vision is to partner with 3D models marketplaces and train our AI on those models so that in the future our AI would generate models rather than utilizing premade assets.

  3. Developer assistant that’s actually practical. Our vision for this is to have an assistant in a game engine such as Unity and the developer could ask it questions like build me a smart contract to handle an inventory of weapons and so the assistant would build the contract, deploy it, create the Unity engine related files and set up a demo for the developers to use.

and there will be 3 use cases for our blockchain

  1. A smart contract that pays people for giving us data (it would be a 3 step smart contract) 1 to input data, 2 to vote on a data set, 3 honeypot.

  2. Paying people with tokens for using our tools (and sharing data and studios get to decide how much data to share)

  3. Decentralized training. Training AI models is time consuming and expensive. So we plan to pay people with tokens who lend us their GPU power to train our AI models


Thanks. got what you are doing. I am not a expert of Game industry. From my mind. those 3 thing in blockchain are queit difficult . Like buy data by Token\ Rent decentrilized GPU. You sure can incentive them do those thing .But the most hard part is bring in demand side who gonna pay for those.

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Hey @NPC_Leo sorry for the delayed response got super busy preparing for GDC. We understand your concern however; I think their might a bit of misunderstanding. We won’t be using our own token for at least the first part.

For 1 (the smart contract that pays people for providing data etc…) people get paid in NEAR if we use the NEAR contract. The NEAR tokens are going to be sent out of a treasury that is supported by the monetization of this data.

For 2 and 3 this is likely going to be our token but at that stage we most likely will have our token already launched and live on multiple exchanges where it will have a $ value.

Hope that makes better sense now and you can get more information about us here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Thank you for allowing me to ask you this question. I am not a game investor or a specialist because really, the progress of these types of projects have always disappointed me because they have not had the necessary maturity since many play the same role. I would like to know when you would put your native tokens in it. game since it is something that always motivates investors its technology will be AI or they will only take small things from it and its security will be based on that blokchaim to see its great advantages of the other projects that have been very bad for us.

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