Proposal: Incentivize delegators & stakers to delegate w/ OCT vs NEAR in Oct 2.0

I suppose there’s going to be a change where OCT users can stake or delegate using NEAR as well as OCT, and receive NEAR rewards.
This is great, but also I feel this creates a major disincentive to hold OCT token. The price action on OCT has obviously been volatile, so if anyone were to be given a choice between holding NEAR or OCT, they’re likely going to choose NEAR, which further reduces the utility of the OCT token.
But how I think you can get around this, is making the threshold for validating with OCT easier (ie less required in comparison to NEAR in terms of monetary value), and making sure that even if validating with OCT, you still earn NEAR rewards. This would mean that holders of OCT are rewarded by holding a riskier asset by being able to become delegators easier, and by becoming a delegator, they can share in rewards easier.
Please make sure it is understood that you need to create a demand for OCT tokens in order for the token price to recover. You create that demand by incentivizing staking & delegating using OCT. So please make sure you don’t kill that demand by making NEAR the obvious choice to delegate/stake over OCT.

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NEAR staking rewards will 100% belong to NEAR stakers, while appchain token rewards will be shared between NEAR stakers and OCT stakers(we named them OCT sponsors, actually) by 7:3. But OCT sponsors don’t need to run appchain nodes, so they rewards are pure profits.