DeepMine: Appchain Candidate

DeepMine project: today and tomorrow

DeepMine is a blockchain-based social economy strategy in a dystopian Sci-Fi entourage. The project has over 12 000 NFT holders, with secondary market trading volume exceeding $3.7M. Beta was launched in December 2022 on the WAX blockchain. DeepMine has a strong core community and a reputation for being one of the most open and devoted teams in the WAX ecosystem. The game’s vision goes far beyond the current build and can be explored here: DeepMine Metaverse Blueprint - DeepMine
We are in the process of finalizing the main mechanics of the game, but we already average more than 15000 transactions per month.

While the development continues, DeepMine is looking to expand beyond WAX, as the ecosystem was hit hard by the decline in WAXP price and many scam and rug pull projects. This led to a decrease in active users and trading volumes, making it difficult for DeepMine to sustain growth within the isolated WAX environment.

The expansion is planned to be executed in a few consecutive steps.

The first is introducing the concept of seasons where players will be able to compete for prizes no matter how far they have progressed in the main game by that moment. We will be launching special role NFTs (free mint) on other blockchains, users will be able to burn them in exchange for seasonal assets on WAX to try the game and decide whether they want to purchase their own assets, which they will be able to upgrade and perform better.

The next step is launching gaming NFTs on other blockchains. Users will be able to stake them to receive the same assets within the DeepMine game and play with them with the opportunity to burn the asset on the original network and become its complete owner on WAX. This step will also include launching DM tokens (DME/DMP) on those blockchains with the bridges to exchange tokens between networks.

Appchain usage

DeepMine will launch a separate layer of user economy using the Octopus appchain. This layer will be used to manage the user activity rewards system, quests, tournaments, and raffles on top of the current and future blockchains used in the game. Appchain will serve multiple purposes being a connecting layer as well as adding new functionality to the game ecosystem.

Users will need the DMO (DeepMine Octane) token to use the bridge, while these transactions will be processed through the DeepMine appchain.

The next step is to launch DeFi section, where users will be able to provide and take loans using DeepMine assets (both NFTs and tokens) as collateral, the deals will be validated through the appchain, and the project commissions will be taken in DMO. Later we plan to add staking/farming functionality to this section.

The raffle section on DeepMine appchain will allow users to participate in various raffles with both DeepMine assets and other valuable assets as prizes. Raffle tickets will be nominated in DMO.

The appchain will also be used to manage seasonal activities, daily quests, and tournaments no matter what network they will happen on, including if they occur outside the game itself (for example, NFT trading or social network activities).

DMO utility and structure

How users earn DMO tokens:

  1. DeepMine in-game activity
  2. Validating transactions in the appchain
  3. Winning raffles with DMO prize pool

How users spend DMO tokens:

  1. Using cross-chain DME&DMP bridge
  2. Paying commissions for using the DeFi section
  3. Participating in quests and tournaments

Only very active users will be able to earn enough DMO to purchase valuable in-game assets, even if they don’t use the bridge and DeFi part. All others will be motivated to buy more DMO to be able to participate in raffles and purchase exclusive assets which they could use in the game.

No DMO tokens will be reserved for the team and/or investors. A small amount will be minted to conduct the initial airdrop to incentivize players to use the appchain, and provide for the initial game activity rewards.

Deck: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Appchain launch roadmap

  1. Proposal approved by Octopus community
  2. Appchain beta release with basic functionality (60 days)
  3. Tournaments and raffles release (30 days)
  4. DeFi part release: loans and staking (30 days)
  5. Cross-chain bridges layer validated through the appchain (60 days)

Will be happy to answer your questions!


excellent! we want to seee it livee

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Excellent! Looking forward to play Deepmine! Hopefully a good staking rewards for validators and delegators.

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Hi DeepMine team! It’s good to have news from you here!
Just have a little question. On what functionalities you will prioritize for the appchain beta release?

Hi DeepMine
excellent! Hope your appchain will come soon.

Hey there! For the beta we plan to build the part manage the user activity rewards system, quests, tournaments, and raffles on top of the current and future blockchains used in the game.

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Good to see you here. Welcome join Octopus community