Activities done in the month of December

Hi Octopus Nation! This is my report for activities done in the month on December

Twitter: GreatLawrence9

Telegram: Greatlaw

Google: Great Lawrence

Near address: greatlaw.near

Discord Username: greatlaw

My Activities:

Activities A: Attended 4/5 meetings based on our weekly Nations calls in the month of November.

Activities E: Did some Personal social media activities and content creation in relation to Octopus Nation and Octopus Network ecosystem.

Activities G: Actively participated in activities within my units to which i volunteer for Event unit

Activities I:

Participated in activities within the Nation apart from unit activities.

Activities J:

Actively liking, retweeting, and commenting on Ottochain’s social media posts.

Activities K:

Attended Ottochain offline/online events.

Activities M: Actively discussed on Ottochain Discord Community.


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This is the link to the evidence of my activities for december

Pls state the numbers achieved in each activity

Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then, thanks,
As agreed by Octopus Nation, as stated by this document below, these are your accumulated points for this month

Activity A: 4
Activity B: 0
Activity C : 0
Activity D: 0
Activity E: 5
Activity F : 0
Activity G : 5
Activity I : 5
Activity j: 4
Activity k: 5
Activity L: 0
Activity M: 1
Activity N: 0
Activity O: 0

Earned point: 29/70 possible marks

Amont of $OCT Earned