Activities done in the month of August are as follows

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Google meet ID: Muhammad Rabi’u Umar

Telegram user name: cryptodawk
Discord Username : cryptodawk#7060

Good day octopus Nation
Here is the activities done in the month of August

Activities A: I attended 4 meetings based on our weekly Nations calls in the month of August

Activities D: I Attended the Octopus Nation approved Workshop on Ref finance.

Activities E: I did some social media activities

Activities F: I Shared and Distributed Octopus Network or Octopus Nation announcements to various groups.

Activities G: I actively participated in activities within my units, for which I volunteered for the Education Unit.

Activities I:
I participated in activities within the Nation apart from unit activities.

Activities J:
I Actively liked, retweeted Ottochain’s social media posts.

Activities K:
Attending offline/online events representing Octopus Nation (Act of Kindness Challenge, Workshop , and Trivia Night).

Activities M: I participated in discussion on the Octopus network community.

Activities N:
I suggested ideas and getting them approved by the educational unit .

Check all activities within the doc:


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Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for this month

Activity A: 5
Activity B: 0
Activity C : 0
Activity D: 5
Activity E: 5
Activity F : 3
Activity G : 5
Activity I : 5
Activity j: 5
Activity k: 0
Activity L: 0
Activity M: 0 Ottochain not Octopus Network
Activity N: 3
Activity O: 0

Earned point: 36/70 possible marks

Amont of $OCT Earned