[Dabbie] August Activity Report

Name: Dabbie
Near id: dabbie3229.near
@shezcrypto TG
@Dabbie3229 Twitter

Activities A: I attended 3/5 meetings based on our weekly Nations calls in the month of August

Activities C: I attended the NEAR x Octopus Network AMA on Twitter.

Activities E: I did some Personal social media activities as I created an educational content on the features of Ottochain.

Activities J:
I Actively liked, retweeted, and commented on Ottochain’s social media posts.


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Pls share your social media links

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Added to the post you can review now

Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for this month

Activity A: 4
Activity B: 0
Activity C : 5
Activity D: 0
Activity E: 2
Activity F : 0
Activity G : 0
Activity I : 0
Activity j: 2
Activity k: 0
Activity L: 0
Activity M: 0
Activity N: 0
Activity O: 0

Earned point: 13/70 possible marks

Amont of $OCT Earned