Twitter Sticker Contest

:mega: Exciting news, OTTO Community! :tada:

Come and participate in our Stickers Contest to celebrate the festivities of July! :tada:

Here are the steps you need to follow:

:one: Follow @oct_network and @OctopusNation_ on Twitter.
:two: Design stickers according to the list below (you can send multiple design and multiple emojis)

  1. Thanks (:pray:)
  2. Welcome (:wave:)
  3. Okay (:+1:)
  4. hahaha (:joy:)
  5. rocket (:rocket:)
  6. Nice (:ok_hand:)
  7. Clap (:clap:)
  8. Heart eyes (:heart_eyes:)
  9. Wink (:wink:)
  10. Celebrate (:partying_face:)
  11. Shock (:scream:)
  12. Interesting (:thinking:)
  13. Shark (:shark:)
  14. Shush (:shushing_face:)
  15. Hugging face (:hugs:)
  16. Salute (:saluting_face:)
  17. Wow (:open_mouth:)
  18. Sad (:smiling_face_with_tear:)
  19. Money face (:money_mouth_face:)
  20. Peace (:v:)

:three: Use the template provided at this link to edit your sticker: Sticker Contest Files - Google Drive
:four: Post your created sticker on Twitter using the hashtag #OttoStickerContest and the emoji hashtag you chose (e.g., #Thanks :pray:).
:five: Tag and share with three of your friends!
:six: We will select twenty winners, each corresponding to one of the twenty available emojis.

Note: We encourage everyone to submit as many entries as you possibly can. There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. So, please don’t hesitate to send us as many as you would like! :rocket:

Terms & Conditions:

:one: You must use one of the provided emojis.
:two: Participants must submit their Sticker within the specified submission time limit to be eligible.
:three: Usage of bots to artificially increase likes and tweets will result in disqualification.
:four: There will be a total of 20 winners chosen based on the competition rules.
:five: The Team reserves the right to cancel or modify any activities, rules, or details at their discretion.
:six: The Sticker must be in PNG format with a transparent background.

:trophy: The Winners:
We will select twenty winners, each with a selected emoji sticker.
($20 prize for each selected sticker)

:clock4: Submission Deadline: July 12th, 2023

:moneybag: Total Prize Pool: $400

:globe_with_meridians: For more details, visit our Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @octopusnetwork