Suggestions For Octopus

The bull market is coming, and I am excited about the plan of Octopus 2.0.

However, while preparing for the development of Octopus 2.0, don’t forget Octopus 1.0, otherwise this gap period will be too boring for oct holders, and we need more oct1.0 substrate projects go online recently.

I was afraid that the bull market would come and go quickly. What a pity it would be if Octopus 1.0 did not actively participate when the bull market came, and happened to enter a bear market when Oct 2.0 came out.

We must learn to judge the situation and size up the situation.


I’m 100% in the same position as you! Octopus2.0 is an expansion from 1.0. We still belive that 1.0 is the best option for Substrate-based appchains to get great security and interoperability.


Take it easy . I don’t think the bull market come so quickly and go soon . but I expect 2.0 launch before the bull comes