[REPORT] Octopus Nation June Activities

Good day
I am Dr Dammy, the current chairman of the Octopus Network community called Octopus Nation.

Octopus Nation is a community filled with blockchain enthusiasts who believe in the long term vision of Octopus network and are ready to put in their time, skill, energy and etc to make sure Octopus Network succeed.

Octopus Nation was inaugurated in May and activities began fully in the month of june.

During the month of june Octopus Nation achieved the following

  1. Setting up social media channels and telegram community: Octopus Nation currently has over 50 members with over 25 of this numbers been active contributors as shown in reports submitted in this forum by members, also attendance of weekly community call reached an all time high of 30 and an all time low of 22.
    Composition of Octopus Nation members include
    50% - Africans
    45%- Asia
    4%- Latam region
    1% - rest of the world

  2. Created Social media activities and materials: Octopus Nation was able to create more than 100+ Social media post, 30+ graphics and 3+ video to complement whatever Social media activity Octopus Network was involved in

  3. Octopus Nation assisted in various AMA sessions Octopus Network was involved in , this included that with Nearprotocol. The activities centered on distribution of advertisement materials in various groups outside the Octopus ecosystem and also attending the AMA sessions.

  4. Online contest: Octopus Nation created and managed the online contest in relation to seeking a new logo that would represent the community. Congratulations to @Evelyn @Tami1 and the third winner via which close to 1000 $OCT was shared.

  5. Reward distribution: As a nation and community we have to recognise and reward individuals for their individual and collective contributions in building up Octopus nation. A total of 24 contributors were recognised and rewarded with a minimum of 133 $OCT up to a maximum of 670 $OCT with average of 333 $OCT.

I would like to thank @Aaron and @louis for bring up this opportunity to the community and also supporting me in leading this idea turned to a reality


Thank you, @damboy. Witnessing a crypto grass-root initiative happen in the Octopus community and grow at that speed is a really exciting and enjoyable experience for me. Wishing Octopus Nation continuous and unending miracles! The Octopus core team will do whatever we can to support.


Thank you for the opportunity and leadership of Dr Daminola Oguntola to Octopus Nation