Ottochain July Report

Good day everyone

Ottochain, Octopus Network community chain, the first consumer chain launched by Octopus Network. Built on the Cosmos SDK which is an open-source framework for building multi-asset public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, like the Cosmos Hub, as well as permissioned Proof-of-Authority (PoA) blockchains and supported by Octopus 2.0 Interchain Security.

Slogan : where community meets web3

Has a community chain of Octopus network, it is a duty of the core team to provide report of activities done and achievements made in the month of july.

Ottochain activities kickstarted in the second half of july with the formation of the core team of Ottochain who are responsible for various functionalities within Ottochain.

Team Members
Ottochain comprises of a team of talented individuals from around the world. This proves that Ottochain is definitely for the community and accept all irrespective of race, colour or religion.


  1. CEO/Project Lead: Dr Damilola oguntola
    Experience: 6 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Binance,NEAR, Polygon, Unilend and 15 other projects in areas in relation to project management, community building and Marketing.
    He is the Co-founder of Blockchain BUK, a member of stakeholders in Blockchain association of Nigeria, one of the executives of Arewa Blockchain Community, a previous COO of two startups, Former team lead and Head of Partnership at NEAR NIGERIA and finally a Community Lead and Business Developer for Octopus network Africa.
    A certified Project Manager with Google and was once a COO of an AI BASED PROJECT called Poly186. He currently holds a MBBS degree

  2. Marketing Lead: OGBUEHI MIRACLE J
    Experience: 4 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Huobi, FTX as a marketing ambassador, Head of Admin at Ginakev Digital Academy, Marketing Lead and PR at NEUTRINOS CHAIN PoAI. Has a bachelor of science in Biochemistry

  3. Financial Lead: Paul Oguntola
    Experience :4 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with more than 15 projects as an Ambassador, currently the community Lead of NEAR NIGERIA and the former CFO of Poly186. He finished with a first class in Accounting and currently doing his masters in business administration

  4. Head of Community: Boon Quan
    Experience: 3yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with more than 3 different blockchain projects as community Lead and Partnerships. He holds a Bachelor degree in quantity survey and a active member of Octopus Guild

  5. Africa Community Lead: Philip Asare
    Experience: 8 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with several blockchain projects as a country ambassador, community builder and event planner, grew up the nano Ghana and Africa communities and currently the founder and host of Blockchain submit Africa

  6. Russia/Ukraine Community Lead:
    Yevhenii Shutov
    Experience: 5 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, Co-founded Eugene YouTube, worked with Octopus Network, Automata, NEAR and several other projects as a translator and community builder.

  7. Turkish Community Lead
    Matyakubov Nurull
    Experience: 6 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with several projects including NEAR and Octopus Network in relation to community building, marketing, translation, social media management and content creation. He owns several Turkish Telegram crypto communities numbering in thousands and also YouTube channels

  8. Latam(Portuguese)Community Lead
    Anderson Rossoni
    Experience: 4 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, he is the current lead for Aurora and Near Brazil,worked with as Octopus Network ambassador. He holds a Bachelor in engineering and wishes to lead the Portuguese side of the Latam Community

  9. Latam (Spanish) Community Lead
    Cesar Incio
    Experience: 4 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with NEAR Latam and Aurora Latam teams, currently the social media manager for Octopus Network. He holds a Bachelor degree in translation and interpretation. Speak in French, Spanish and English.

  10. Latam (Mexico) Community Lead
    José Dimas Luján
    Experience 3 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked mostly as a frontends dev, app developer and technical lead with NEAR education and ICP. He worked as an ICP instructor where he was tasked with community building and recruitment is also into project management and community building with multiple bachelor degrees in programming and engineering.

  11. Malaysia Community Lead: Yujing Wong
    Experience: 7 years experience in the cryptosphere, as an investor and in community/venture building, co-founding Tess Network and a youth NGO focused on advocating crypto. Started several NFT projects and contributed to Web3 projects in Malaysia. Malaysian Ambassador for Octopus Network and Founding Member of Avium World. Founder and CEO of, an online platform connecting farmers to end buyers. Extensive experience as co-founder and COO in several startups, covering restaurant yield-management, social enterprise, education, travel, and recruitment. 5 years technical experience in operations and project management, as a Field Engineer and Remote Operations Engineer in offshore oil & gas production for a Fortune 500 energy company. Yujing holds a Bachelor and Master of Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London, and speaks in Malay, English, and Mandarin.

  12. Ecosystem growth strategist: Buğra Ayan
    Experience : Authored several impactful publications in the field of informatics, including books such as “Internet Secrets,” “Mobile App Development,” and “Smart Contract Development with Moonbeam.”
    Made significant contributions through publications on various topics, including social networks, coding, and augmented reality.
    Recognized for innovative and impactful work with awards such as the Social Entrepreneurship award, the Informatics Service award, and the Best Instructor award from Udemy. Shared expertise and experiences at conferences.
    Delivered TEDx Talks on topics such as “Curiosity” and “The Internet is Magic.”
    Buğra Ayan’s remarkable journey in the field of informatics includes extensive academic achievements, a wide range of publications, and recognition through prestigious awards. His contributions have been invaluable to the advancement of the field, and his expertise has been shared at conferences and through engaging TEDx Talks.

  13. Business Dev 1: Alex Choong
    Experience: 6 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, built his personal mining rig, investor in several web3 projects, strong advocate for use of blockchain in Asia. He is the COO of metapac group which is a Guild that heavy deal with web3 venture investing, connections and education

  14. Business Dev 2 : Pavel Fedorov
    Experience : 15 yrs experience as an investor specialist and advisor, been involved with various web3 projects as a business Developer, regional representative and an investment analyst.

  15. Lead designer: Evelyn Sample
    Experience : 4 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Binance, Okex and 13 other projects as a graphic designer, she is currently the lead designer for NEAR NIGERIA, AI DAO of NEAR and was the community manager of Octopus network Africa. She is an active member of Octopus Guild and won the logo contest of Octopus Guild, she has more than 4 years experience as a graphic designer and has used more than 10 tools in relation to graphic designing. She holds a BSc in Microbiology

  16. Graphic designer/video editor : Sanusi Muhammad Sulaiman
    Experience: 3 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Octopus Network Africa, Octopus Guild, spin and others as a graphic designer and a video editor. Currently completing his college degree in engineering.

  17. Social media manager: Dr Kabiru Hussaini
    Experience: 5yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Unilend and five more projects as an Ambassador, social media manager for Octopus Network Africa and Social media manager for Near Protocol Nigeria. Currently holds an MBBS degree and is a certified social media marketer.

  18. Assist Social media manager HANNAH SOTTO
    Experience: 2 yrs experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Octopus Network and wonderhero as a social media manager and community manager. She is currently in process of obtaining her bachelor degrees in accounting

  19. Content Writer/SEO : Chisom Nnachi.
    Experience : 5yrs Experienced blockchain writer specialising in appchains, DeFis, DApps, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and decentralisation. Worked as a ghostwriter for Near Protocol, HEX, and UniqueOne. Skilled in creating SEO-optimised content to inform and engage both technical and non-technical audiences. Focus on simplifying complex concepts and bridging the gap between blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers. Can produce insightful and appealing content for sales and technical purposes. Eager to explore emerging trends and contribute to discussions pushing the boundaries of blockchain’s potential. Create engaging and informative content for various channels, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, whitepapers, and website copy.

Achievements In July

  1. Team Formation

  2. Ottochain Whitepaper

  3. Ottochain Technical Paper

  4. $OTTO Token Distribution

  5. Ottochain Socials and Community Channels

  6. Drafted List Of Potential partners

  7. Ottochain Logo and Brand guidelines

  8. Website, 60% done as at making this report

Knowing fully well that Ottochain will be launched in October, the following deliverables and KPIs has been drafted out by each member to ensure we the core team including the community are ready for October Ottochain Launch.

The Following Goals Was Set Up

  1. Achieve minimum of 200,000 individuals in Ottochain Ecosystem
  2. Achieve minimum of 50 partnerships
  3. Maximizing Token sales
  4. Get atleast 10 Incubation hubs/ 20+ start up interested in building community and grassroot based initiatives.

With this in mind, each unit within Ottochain was tasked to draft out in their respective field how they wish to achieve this goals via their various positions within the next 2 months


  1. Marketing Unit KPI

  2. Financial Unit KPI

  3. Head of Community KPI

  4. Business Dev KPI

  5. Social media Unit KPI

  6. Design Team KPI

  7. Asia/Malaysia Region KPI

  8. Latam Portuguese/ Portuguese speaking regions KPI

  9. Latam Mexico/ All Spanish Speaking region

  10. Latam Spanish/ All Spanish based region KPI

  11. Turkish Community KPI

  12. Ukraine/Russian Community

  13. Africa

  14. Ecosystem Strategist KPI

Wish to express my gratitude to Octopus network continuous support and wish to thank the following individuals for their continuous contribution
@louis @Aaron @sheldon