Octopus Network Meets Grant Milestones 1, 2

In this our article we reviewed key details about the builders grant that Octopus Network received from Astar/Shiden. Managing the base connectivity of IBC/TAO is a core need to be able to create an IBC fungible token bridge: it’s the initial operation to interact between the APIs of two different blockchains.

Until ICS11 proceeds further ICS10 won’t go into production, so it’s important to mark the proposed scope outside the draft process for ICS10 (or ICS11). Some delays are to be expected, but ICS11 is well underway with the Composable Finance team.

Additionally, you can find a demo of the cross-chain solution here with many more references. Milestone 1 was completed successfully earlier this year [2022] after validation of exhaustive research completed in 2021.

Details from the public proposal listed at the link below:

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