Octopus Nation Monthly Report

Hi Octopus Nation.

Full name: Kabir Hussain
Telegram ID: kbounce
Google meet name: Kabir Hussain
Near Address: kbounce.near
Discord Username: kbounce#5537

For the month of July I was able to perform the following activities:

Activity A: Attended 3 weekly meetings out of 4 in July.

Activity B: I Didn’t attend Activity B ( Fusotao Live Workshop), But I participated in Trivia Night that was organized after the Workshop with Fusotao.

Activity C: I Attended 2 Octopus Network TwitterSpace AMA:

Activity E: Links to personal social media post: Activity E ( Personal social media activities) - Google Docs

Activity F: Published and distributed Octopus Network and Octopus Nation announcements & content across Facebook, Telegram groups, LinkedIn groups, and Instagram link👇: Activity F - Google Docs

Activity G: participated in Communication and Membership unit.

Activity I: Also participate in events and Philanthropic units

Activity J: participated in philanthropic events, gave ideas and suggestions.

Activity M: Moderate discussions on Octopus Network telegram community.

Activity N: suggested some ideas such as:
Octopus Nation Schedule AMA with existing partners and Octopus Networks:

Also gave an idea for the Best performing member (Octostars) to be featured on Twitter and Telegram with the tag best Octostar of the Week.

Activity O: participate in forming two partnerships: Blockchain BUK and Near Protocol Nigeria.

Also given the responsibility to monitor and determine the octostar of the week based on members contribution together with Brisk.


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Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of july

Activity A: 4
Activity B: 0
Activity C : 4
Activity D: 0
Activity E: 5
Activity F : 4
Activity G : 5
Activity I : 5
Activity j: 0 points given to Activity outside that of philanthropic unit of Octopus nation
Activity k: 0
Activity L: 0
Activity M: 2
Activity N: 5
Activity O: 5

Bonus: 80 $OCT for Octostar of the week

Earned point: 39/70 possible marks

Amont of $OCT Earned 240 + 80 = 320

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