My name is Ritch and am contacting you on behalf of Kyren from No BS Crypto, an up and coming review channel with a highly organic community and a passion for No BS content

We are looking to introduce promising projects such as Octopus Network to the broader crypto ecosystem by creating highly detailed and informative reviews that stand the test of time. I manage the channel on behalf of Kyren (the host) who absolutely loves getting to know more about the technical details and the team on a personal level. I’ve had my eye on Octopus Network for a while now and I know he’s excited to talk about a possible partnership.

Channel: No Bs Crypto - YouTube

I’d love chat and I look forward to hearing from you :blush:

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I appreciate your time! I just want to say I love the work you guys are doing for the ecosystem and serving your community, keep it up.

Hi Ritch, please drop me an email at I’d like to have a talk with you and Kyren.

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