(Micheal Tosin Victor) Activities Done In Octopus Nation For The Month Of June

Good Day Octopus Nation,

*NEAR WALLET: tosin101.near
*TELEGRAM USERNAME: @Micheal_Tosin_Victor
*GOOGLE MEET ID: Micheal Tosin Victor
*TWITTER ID: https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3?t=jba2uumfJPqRCDHm0plUMw&s=09

This is my report for the month of June, below are all the activities I carried out in the month of June:

  1. Activity A: Attended all five weekly meetings held in the month of June

  2. Activity E: did 9 retweets of Octopus Nation, 6 personal post on Twitter for octopus network.
    below is the link:

a) https://twitter.com/VictoryTosin123/status/1674913148409659394?s=20

B) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1674760420635168768?s=20

C) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1674146983483678723?s=20

D) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1674007624738635776?s=20

E) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1673984815559745536?s=20

F) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1672309856076812291?s=20

G) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1672308700453675018?s=20

F) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1671888689696501761?s=20

G) https://twitter.com/pauldgreat1234/status/1671289165009256452?s=20

H) https://twitter.com/damboyy22/status/1670811369644384259?s=20

I) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1671075485835509760?s=20

J) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1670704081952751616?s=20

K) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1670806630147997702?s=20

L) https://twitter.com/OctopusNation_/status/1670804778320818181?s=20

M) https://twitter.com/MichealTosinVi3/status/1670498255468101634?s=20

  1. Activity G: I participated as an active member in Philanthropic & support unit.

  2. Activity N: suggested an idea in relation to philanthropic, and it was accepted by philanthropic members, here is the link
    A) Telegram: Contact @OctopusGuildR
    B) Telegram: Contact @OctopusGuildR

Thanks Octopus nation.


Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of june

Activity A: 5 points
Activity E : 5 points
Activity G : 5 points
Activity N : 0 looked through philanthropic unit, no ideas were made by you in june

Total: 15 points out of 45
Total earned; 167 $OCT

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