(Merilyn Miller) Activities Done In Octopus Nation For The Month Of June

Monthly Work Report - June 2023:

*I am pleased to submit my monthly work report for the month of June 2023. This report provides an overview of my key accomplishments:-

*Activity A:-in respect to the weekly meetings, I was able to attend at least 3 of the weekly meetings.
I also attended one of the AMA/Twitter space event held last month.

*Activity E:- I completed two tasks assigned to me by the leader of Education which involves translation of contents about octopus 2.0 from the medium handle. the translation was made in two African languages which includes:- Igbo and Yoruba Nigerian languages.

Activity E:- Also I was able to create two social media post to create awareness about octopus nation which was posted on Twitter and the official octopus nation Twitter account was tagged and also octopus network.

Activity G:- I activity participated in the educational and event sections of octopus nation telegram group and also made various contibuitons and suggestions.

Activity I:-In respect to participation of event In the community, I was also able to participate in the logo contest and made some of the post of my suggested logo ideas on Twitter.

Activity N:- Links to contibuitons made - Google Docs

Below are the links to some of my activities done in the month of June in octopus nation :-

Name:-Merilyn miller
telegram ID:-@Tamisample10
meeting ID:-Tamunopreye sample
near wallet address:-tami123.near



Thanks alot for the great contribution to the success of Octopus Guild
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of june

Activity A : 3 points
Activity C : 5 points
Activity E : 5 points
Activity G : 5 points
Activity I : 5 points
Activity N : 3 points

Total: 26 points out of 45 points for june
26/45 × 500 $OCT

Earned $OCT = 289 $OCT

Please next time arrange your activities correctly with with number of the Tagged Activity