Marketing in Pakistan

Hello Octopus Network Team,

We are writing to you to propose for creating a Twitter account on the name of Octopus Network Pakistan. Because Pakistan have a large marketshare in cryptocurrency with over $20 billions & this Twitter account would help to increase the reach of your network and create a platform for your Pakistani members to engage with each other.

Using Twitter account (Octopus Network Pakistan) would allow you to communicate with the people of Pakistan, provide updates to your members, and allow them to share their thoughts and experiences with the network. This will help to create a stronger connection between the members, and also bring more people into the network.

We understand the importance of making sure all members of the network are heard and respected. This is why we are proposing to create a Twitter account that will be monitored by moderators to ensure all interactions are respectful and appropriate.

We would also like to propose creating an official hashtag for the Pakistan Twitter account. This hashtag would be used to promote the Octopus Network Pakistan and to allow members in the network to easily find and communicate with each other.

We believe that creating a Twitter account (Octopus Network Pakistan) is a great way to increase engagement and visibility within the network & I’m interested in that. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this proposal.

Ishtiaq Tahir

Hi Ishtiaq, thank you for the intention to promote our community in your country. Maintaining a Twitter account for NEAR Protocol Pakistan, which can cover a broader range, will be even better. By creating awareness for NEAR in a local region effectively, you have a good chance to receive grants from NEAR Foundation or NDC. Both have a continuously running grants program, which Octopus lacks for a limited budget.