[Ede Suzan] Activities Done In Octopus Nation For Month Of June

Hi Octopus Nation

Full name: Ede Suzan Ujunwa
Telegram ID: @edesuzan
Google meet name: Ede Suzan Ujunwa
Near Address: suzan688.near

For the month of June I was able to perform the following activities as follows:

Attended all of the 5 weekly Nation calls as made announced on Octopus Nation Telegram Community Group. I also made good in-call contributions as to aid the activities for the week.

Within the month I did some personal social media activities related to creative contents for the Octopus Nation and Octopus Network ecosystem which were two memes and two gifs.

Also, I was able to Share and Distribute Octopus Network or Octopus Nation announcements on my social media.

Links to my work are within the Google doc:

Thanks @damboy


Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of june

Activity A: 4 points, you attend 4 out of 5 meetings
Activity E : 5 points
Activity G : 5 points

Total: 14 points out of 45 points

Earned $OCT: 156 $OCT


Evening @damboy

For the month of June I actually attended all 5 meet ups this month and I didn’t miss any.

Also for activity I, I made contributions with my my 2 memes and two gifs in other units apart from my own Unit which was also shared by our unit head, Victory. Pls check within each group.

The Link for Activity I has been added to the Google doc

Thanks for your support :pray:


I don’t understand
First our attendance bot said you missed the first meeting, you attended only 4 out of 5 meetings, second is that what contributions did you make in the other units, because that gif and etc are still under education