Comunuty Calls recorded

There are lot of people who wants to know what is spoken on the comunity calls. Todays transcription logically have some delays, So I believe that web3 must work as web3 in all manners. Also on these type of calls.

I have been searhing and testing and I have an easy and practicall way of recording discord conversations. Craig chat.

The admin of the community server from octopus have to enter to that page and add craig as a member. You can select to start a recording when you want and stop it, or do it automatic on every conversation only on a selected channel. Then when its stopped you ask the bot to give the file in the format you want and you can share ir or download it.

If you type / , and you will see all the options.

I have tested recording and stoping manually, and the quality is really nice in format AAC (mpeg-4)