Activities done in octopus nation for the month of july

Near wallet:mrudawaki.near

Google meet ID: Muhammad Rabi’u Umar

Telegram user name: cryptodawk
Discord Username : cryptodawk#7060

Good day octopus Nation,

This is my report for the month of July below are all the activities I have carried out in the month of June:

Activity A: Attended all five weekly meetings held in the month of July

Activity C: was present at the Octopus network twitter space session
Octopus network hosted by Near protocol.

Activity D attended Octopus Network and blockchainBUK event

Activity E: I did a personal post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram below is the link to the post:

Activity F: Shared and distributed octopus weekly meetup reminder on Near Nigeria telegram, Aurora Africa, NEARProtocol, Octopus Network Africa.

Activity G: I actively participated in Events units as I am a member there and also made positive contributions.
Activity I: I actively participated in activities outside my unit, made medium graphics for translation as well as translating medium article into Yoruba and Swahili for the educational unit

Activity J Actively participate in philanthropic initiatives that enhances Octopus Network.
Activity K Attending online event representing
Octopus Nation philanthropic unit during onboarding session
Activity N: suggested an ideas in philanthropic unit and used by the unit

Activity O :Establishing Partnerships with NEARProtocol Nigeria

Below are the evidence attached to the Google doc



Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of july

Activity A: 5
Activity B: 0
Activity C : 3
Activity D: 0 as it wasn’t an Octopus Nation AMA
Activity E: 5
Activity F : 5
Activity G : 5
Activity I : 5
Activity j: 0 as this requires philanthropic Activities outside Octopus Nation
Activity k: 0 as this isn’t an online meeting representing Octopus Nation
Activity L: 0
Activity M: 0
Activity N: 5
Activity O: 3
Bonus for actively participating in onboarding sessions: 50 $OCT

Earned point: 36/70

Amont of $OCT Earned 220+ bonus = 270