Activities done for Octopus Nation in the month of June

Good morning octopus Nation,
*Telegram user name: VICJ2000
*Google meet ID: Victory oluwatola
*Twitter ID: VictoryTosin123
*Near wallet: Vicj2000

This is my report for the month of June, below are all the activities I have carried out in the month of June:

  1. Activity A: Attended all five weekly meetings held in the month of June

  2. Activity E: did 10 retweets from Octopus Nation official Twitter handle, one personal post on Twitter and wrote an article for octopus network.

  3. Activity G: I actively participated in Education unit as a content writer, medium creator and medium handler as I regularly published article on the medium page

4). Activity H, I took up the leadership role in Education, and I assigned task to my members, coordinated them and ensured delivery of results,

  1. Activity I: I actively participated in activities outside my unit, I collaborated with communication team inorder to share useful educational content to post on Octopus Nation official Twitter account, here is the link below

  2. Activity N: suggested an idea in relation to education, and it was accepted by education members

Here is the link below for all my activities:

Thanks Octopus nation.



Thanks for your great contribution towards the success of Octopus Nation
Ok then thanks,
As agreed on by Octopus Nation as stated by this document below, this are your accumulated points for the month of june

Activity A : 5 points
Activity E : 5 points
Activity G : 5 points
Activity H : 120 $OCT
Activity I : 5 points
Activity N : 3 points

Total points: 23/45
$OCT earned: 256

Total $OCT : 256 + 120 ≈ 376 $OCT

Thanks for your contributions to the success of Octopus Nation